Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat Tour on the Great Barrier Reef

Visitors come far and wide to see the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

With miles and miles of crystal clear water and millions of reef structures to explore, the Great Barrier Reef has been a must-see destination for years. There are plenty ways to explore the reef, and booking a tour on a glass bottom boat is a great option.

What is a Glass Bottom Boat?

You can properly guess from the name, but this experience is held on a glass-bottom boat. Literately meaning it is a boat with a completely glass made floor. Creating a window into the underwater world located below. The boat is small in size, usually able to fit a small group, with guests sitting in a circle while gazing down below to the deep blue sea.

The History of the Glass Bottom Boat

The glass bottom boat has been around since the 1930s, taking visitors out to Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef to view the sea life below. The very first glass-bottom boat was built by Hallam Jones from a rowboat for personal use, however, the first commercial ones were used in California. Nowadays, there are a variety of tour groups that take thousands of tourists out each year to experience the reef from above. With glass bottom boats being growing substantially in popularity.

Why Glass Bottom Boat Tours are Great

Glass bottom boat tours are a fantastic way to see what’s going on underwater without having to immerse yourself in the water. The see-through bottom of the boat allows you to view the seafloor and the living creatures in their natural habitat. These tours are perfect for people who enjoy being on the water, rather than in. Faultless for families with young kids or senior citizens who may find snorkelling too hard. Tour guides provide entertaining and interesting information about that area, the sea creatures and marine life, and the history of the reef. It’s not uncommon to see turtles, schools of fish, and sometimes dolphins.

Day or Night

There are options to take a night tour, where the bottom of the boat is light with ultraviolet lights so guests can see the coral polyps alive after dark. This has become one of the most popular tours in the Great Barrier Reef, as the boat trip gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see living sea creatures in a different light.

Other Activities Offer

If you’re excited to jump in the water, some tour groups and boats are equipped with snorkel and scuba gear. With a full day out on the reef, with the glass bottom boat being just one out of a dozen activities on offer.

  • Snorkelling

    Cruise along the surface of the sea as you gaze down below at the colour wonderland. Snorkelling is undoubtedly the most popular activity along the Great Barrier Reef. It allows guests to dip into the refreshing waters and swim right next to marine wildlife. There are a number of reef hotspots which showcase a collection of colour coral, tropical fish, and unique animals. With all guests needing are a pair of goggles, a breathing tube, and a pair of flippers, which are all provided by the tour company.

  • Scuba Diving

    If you want to go a little deeper into the deep blue-why not try out scuba diving? Whether you are new to diving, or a certified diver, the tours offer an unforgettable experience amidst the tropical fish and reef. Unlike snorkelling, where you must be treading the water to breathe, scuba diving has your oxygen attached to your back, allowing you linger down along the seafloor for however long you like, letting you fully immerse in the natural world. Professional staff will expertly demonstrate how to use everything, so even if you are a bit nervous, you’ll get the hang out it quickly.

  • Pontoon

    Unlike a boat, a pontoon is a permanent floating structure along the reef. Staying in one particular reef section, with boats coming and going to pick and drop off guests. The massive structure is home to a large deck plan, indoor rooms, eating and kitchen areas, an inside swimming pool, underwater observatory, and even a waterslide. The Pontoon is perfect for those looking for a range of activities, and the ability to be flexible and free with their day. Letting parents hang out by the bar, sunbaking on the balcony, while kids enjoy the swimming pool, and sliding down the waterpark section. Snorkelling, Glass bottom boat, and scuba diving are all provided here as well, so don’t fret about missing out on anything.

Where you can join a Glass Bottom Boat

Majority of the glass bottom boat tours are located in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Simply head to the Marina Marlin and hop on one of the many boats taking you out to the deep blue. But if you’re not stationed in Cairns, there are a few companies in Port Douglas and Mission Beach that operate glass-bottom boat tours all year round. Majority of the tours offering Glass bottom aren’t simply the glass bottom boat without any other inclusions. So, it’s best to choose a full day that offers snorkelling, scuba diving, glass-bottom boat, and more!

If you plan to visit one of Australia’s greatest beauties, plan to book a glass-bottom boat tour to venture out and see the reef’s residents in action without having to get wet!

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