Cairns Marlin Marina, Queensland

Cairns City, Queensland 4870

Cairns marks the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the world’s most iconic natural landmarks and a major tourist hotspot in Australia.

Cairns Marlin Marina

Comprising a collection of mesmerizing dive sites, paradise islands, and fascinating coral reefs, the Great Barrier Reef promises visitors a breath-taking look into Australia’s underwater world.

What to do at the Marlin Marina

In Cairns itself, the Marlin Marina sits right on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, and is home to some of the most advanced superyachts in the world.

  • Dock your Yacht up

    This luxury berthing point provides world-class facilities for anyone looking to dock their yacht or for those simply looking to explore this opulent aspect of city life.

  • Visit both the City and the Sea

    Cairns Marlin Marina is a state-of-the-art floating marina that sits in the heart of Cairns’ city centre, promising a bustling look into city life. Here, you can browse the superyachts (some of which stretch up to 140 metres in length) that are docked in the 261 berths.

    Since the development, the Marlin Jetty now operates for both small and larger tour operators out to the Great Barrier Reef for diving, sailing, snorkelling and more. Not too far from the jetty is a nice esplanade filled with shops, cafes, and many dining options. As they go to for getting out on the water, the Marlin Jetty has become a popular destination for all who come to Cairns.

    From the marina, you can enjoy an array of a fantastic range of attractions. Cairns’ waterside attractions, including the tropical swimming lagoon which is just a short walk away. Also, you are close to a selection of 5-star hotels, a collection of great shops and dining options, as well as the city’s popular casino. You’re just moments from the buzzing nightlife of Cairns, too, which sparkles into life when darkness falls. So, whether you are looking for a city adventure or an ocean tour, the Marlin Marina is your first stop!

  • Catch yourself some Dinner

    If you’re more interested in fishing, then you’re in luck. The marina is home to Australia’s largest tourism and game fishing fleets, and you can hit the waves and try your hand at catching some of the local fish – or just watch the professionals work their magic. If you have no luck in the fishing department, simply head to the nearby restaurants and order a platter of the local seafood. Here you can see how the master chefs cook this seafood to perfection. All the while you gaze at the nearby sea along the restaurant’s ocean view balcony.

  • Enjoy a Romantic Sunset

    Cairns Marlin Marina offers a great backdrop for enjoying a day of seaside fun. Start by taking a stroll around the berths where you can marvel at the spectacular array of yachts, before tucking into some lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants. When you’ve soaked up the views, take a cruise or a fishing trip out in the Great Barrier Reef and then get stuck into the vibrant nightlife when the veil of darkness falls.

Hop on a Tour

From the Cairns Marlin Marina, you can hop on one of the many cruises that go out into the Great Barrier Reef, where you can take driving lessons in the spectacular underwater world, snorkel until your heart’s content, and get up close and personal with the region’s fascinating marine life. Numerous cruises depart every day, from hourly trips out into the ocean to multi-day tours that take in every aspect of the Great Barrier Reef.

  • 1. Great Barrier Reef Tour

    This regular tour offers a day snorkelling the stunning outer regions of the Great Barrier Reef. Starting from Cairns marina and taking a maximum of 60 passengers into the outer ocean of Queensland. Although the main activity for this tour is snorkelling, you can upgrade to a scuba diver and a glass-bottom boat tour if you wish, letting you see even more of the stunning sea scenery. This type of tour is one of the most popular, being a cheap and jam-packed day of reef activity. The two main reef spots included in this tour are Hastings Reef and Breaking Patches, offering a wide range of fish, coral, and marine mammals.

  • 2. Great Barrier Reef Deluxe Tour

    This tour is parallel to the regular tour but includes a rather deluxe day of travel. Offering a slightly more expensive trip with a jam-packed day of activities including scuba diving, glass-bottom boat tours, and state of the art facilities. With a larger and faster boat, guests can enjoy more time out on the reef, plunging into the warm tropical waters and feasting their eyes on the wildlife within. With reefs such as the Hastings Reef, Breaking Patches, Norman Reef, and Saxon Reef, passengers will gaze upon a range of fantastic animals and plants.

  • 3. Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Tour

    The pontoon tour is alternative to a boat journey. Instead of being a permanent structure in one section of the reef. This structure is home to a range of features, including an outdoor balcony, indoor lounge, bathrooms, an underwater observatory section, an indoor swimming pool, and even a waterslide. The Pontoon allows guests to their own free time during the day, whether they want to sunbake all day, play on the playroom, or dive down to the reef below. It blends together both boat and island tour, perfect for those with small children or those looking for their own free time.

Many of the tour operators use Marlin Jetty as their pick-up/drop-off point for all tourists. On the Marlin Jetty, you will find a lot of tour operators that are on the smaller side as well as the larger ones. They all have big signs up so you will not miss them when approaching the jetty

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