Breaking Patches

Cairns, Queensland 4805

The Great Barrier Reef offers explorers and adventurers the chance to dive down into the depths of one of the world’s largest and most spectacular marine playgrounds.

Scuba Diving

Under the breath-taking hues of blue you can find all kinds of tropical fish, oversized turtles, friendly reef sharks and more. With tons of spots to choose from you can pick the perfect Great Barrier Reef adventure and discover the delights of the ocean.

An Exclusive Diving Spot

Breaking Patches Reef is one of the most exclusive diving sites offering shallow waters teeming with painted parrot fish, pretty angel fish and lion fish. This is one of the best spots for drifting alongside majestic green sea turtles and endangered hawksbill turtles who come in their hordes to the warm and rich waters of Breaking Patches Reef. The bountiful coral is both soft and hard and explorers in the deep can see Staghorn coral, Black Coral Trees and Sea Fans glittering along the sea beds.

You Can See a Wide Range of Wildlife

One of the greatest bonus’ to this Great Barrier Reef region is the wide collection of wildlife. With the plate and fan coral home to a unique set of wonderful and wondrous creatures. Spending the afternoon splashing in the shallows, swimming through the overhangs and touching down on the sandy seafloor is the best way of discovering the bounty of Breaking Patches Reef.

  • The Coral within the Lagoon

    Breaking Patches Reef is often referred to as a lagoon-like coral reef thanks to its calming shallow waters and protected shelf surroundings. Another fabulous reason as to why you may want to explore the beauty of Breaking Patches Reef is the fact that it is only visited by a limited number of companies ensuring that the waters stay free and open and you don’ swim through the crowds. These calming waters offer crystal clear vision and pristine opportunities for beginners who dare to duck their head beneath the waves. Yet those who are more advanced in the world of diving will find plenty of fun with the fingers and chutes that can be found scattered around the reef. On Breaking Patches Reef, you will find over 400 types of coral, those found on barrier reefs and those found in coral gardens of fringe reefs. Large Sea fans are widely found on the reef and it is common to see turtles among the black coral trees.

  • Sea Anemones


    If you have ever watched Finding Nemo, you will be familiar with the slow swaying tentacles of Anemones, being the home base for Nemo. These are in fact not plants at all, but in fact Invertebrates, that stick on a hard surface of the rock to remain. The long, almost transparent tentacles may look enchantingly beautiful while swaying in the sea, but they are quite dangerous to anyone but clownfish. Sparking helpless prey on contact with a paralyzing neurotoxinare, which makes them an easy meal for the Anemones. The only fish which isn’t shocked is the clownfish, due to their layer of mucus which makes them immune. The fish and Anemone live in harmony, with the tentacles providing a safe haven for the clownfish, and the fish bringing in food and scraps for the anemones. Chances are if you spot an Anemone, you’ll see a clownfish not too far away.

  • Butterflyfish

    Easily spotted in the big blue sea, these colourful fishes are one of the most popular creatures along the Great Barrier reef. Showcased in many of Queensland’s postcards, they vary in a range of colours and patterns. Typically, a bright yellow, with white and black dots and strips. They are small, so its best to dive down closer the reef plants to see these creatures up close and personal.

  • Parrotfish

    Feast your eyes on the birds of the sea, named after the colour parrots of the rainforest. This is all due to the alarming similarity these parrots and fish have in appearance. With the fish ranging in colours such as bright blues, greens, and reds, as well as having a beak-like lip. Derived from their fussed teeth, which are much like an underwater beak. The parrotfish are abundant at the Braking Patches, filling the region with the bright colours of their bodies.

  • Blue-spotted Ray

    These stingrays are extraordinary to see in person, with bright blue dots covering their body and Fluro yellow eye patches. Photos don’t do these creatures justice, as they are a breathtaking sight to see in person. usually found along the seafloor of Breaking Patches, simply dive down to the bottom and keep an eye out from their distinctive dots.

  • White-tip reef Sharks

    These sharks look like great white sharks which have shrunken in the wash, being about the same size as a small dog. Due to this, they are harmless to humans and being very social fish with more than one hanging about the reef at once.

  • Sea Cucumbers

    If you don’t know what they are, you can usually swim past a sea cucumber without seeing anything. Looking like long logs of coral or plant sitting along a reef or seafloor. They are, however, much more than meets the eye, being some of the most fascinating creatures found at Breaking Patches. They range in colour, size, and shape, but have leathery textured skin. They are known as the ocean’s vacuum cleaners, slowly eating and digesting the ocean waste, they clean and create a resilient sea, even being able to fight climate change.

  • Sea Turtles

    After spending the day skimming beneath the soft turquoise waters you can sit on board the boat and watch exotic birds soaring through the skies and diving down to grab a bite to eat. Breaking Patches Reef is the perfect place to dive down and snorkel across the surface and the experience of swimming alongside the gentle giants of the sea turtles is a once in a lifetime experience that is sure to stay with you for many years to come.

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