Boom Netting

Boom Netting in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef provides a playground of incredible sea life for visitors to explore. This natural phenomenon is filled to the brim with fascinating creatures, from ancient turtles to colourful fish and vibrant coral formations.

Boom Netting

Boasting a diverse eco-system, it is a place to learn all about the underwater world of Australia and to get up close and personal with the wildlife. Many people choose to go snorkelling or diving to explore the mysterious world below the water’s surface, but there are other ways you can get up close and personal with everything on offer.

Boom netting is a great way to enjoy the scenery of the Great Barrier Reef while getting your adrenalin pumping. It is a fun way for kids to discover the eco-system and its inhabitants, as well as providing a safe way to enjoy the waters of the reef.

So, what exactly is boom netting?

Boom netting is a new phenomenon that is sweeping the Great Barrier Reef and offers an alternative to diving and snorkelling trips. Essentially, it involves securely riding within the edges of a “boom net” (a large net) that is attached to the rear of a boat. The net covers the entire length of the back boat, with passengers hopping into the net when the boat is stationary. After you are all holding on, the boat will start up, dragging you through the lapping waters as the boat meanders past paradise islands and through different reef spots, each of which offers their own selection of wildlife.

The nets can comfortably sit a sizeable group, so families, friends, and large groups can enjoy the unique experience together in a fun and safe way.

Why go boom netting in the Great Barrier Reef?

Besides the fact that boom netting is a hugely exciting way to explore the Great Barrier Reef, there are plenty of reasons why this might be a good option for you.

  • Great for the Kids

    Firstly, it is suitable for kids, so if you’re travelling with younger members of the family you can make sure they get to safely explore the reefs and its resident creatures. This may sometimes be a bit of a rough ride at times, but it is completely safe for kids, who are all provided with life jackets. Much like a water park ride, it’s guaranteed to light up the kid’s faces with a smile.

  • You get to See it All

    Boom Netting on Cruise

    Best of all, though, you’ll get to discover the Great Barrier Reef from every perspective. You’ll be able to marvel at the beautiful islands that dapple the region as well as get up close and personal with the creatures that bask below the surface. It is the perfect way to embrace the Great Barrier Reef in the bounty of the great outdoors. Soaking the sights as you whiz by, including the pristine beaches, tropical islands, exotic sea creatures, and the colourful coral. Look both beyond the horizon and beneath the surface to explore the endless beauty. Majority of the time, the boom netting is a bonus feature on the Great Barrier Reef Cruises snorkelling, sailing, exploring, dolphin spotting tours. Letting you try a wide range of activities before you even boom net!

  • It’s Educational

    What’s more, you can enjoy a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping activity while still getting to know the ins and outs of the reef – guides will offer insights into the different coral reefs and share information about the creatures that live below the water’s surface.

  • You can get Wet and Wild

    Snorkelling gets tiring, scuba diving can only last however long, and sunbaking can result in a severely burnt body. But boom netting is the perfect way to explore and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, known as the best activity, to get wet and wild. It’s undoubtedly the fastest, most adrenaline-pumping activity offered on the Reef, perfect for those wanting a little excitement to end the day.

What Else to do While you are at The Great Barrier Reef

  • Glass Bottom Boat

    This is similar to boom netting except you are fully out of the water! Glass bottom boat is a small boat fully equipped with a glass bottom floor, otherwise known as the window into the reef. The boat will take a small group from the larger tour boat, and slowly cruise along the surface for visitors to gaze down below. Here you can catch sight of tropical fish, enchanting coral, and even larger marine species like dolphins or stingrays. This activity is perfect for those non-swimmers and families with young children, as all you need to do is sit back and wait for the magic to come to you!

  • Visit the Nearby Islands and Beaches

    After whizzing past the tropical islands on the boom net, why don’t you go back and get a bit closer? There are hundreds of different islands scattered along the Great Barrier Reef, with the most noteworthy including Green Island, Lizard Island, and Wilson Island. These islands offer golden sands, shallow water coral forests, and an epic amount of wildlife. If you experience sea legs, island hopping around can give you a break from the endless boat rocking, letting you stand on steady ground as you see the tropical wonderland. Beaches themselves are just as brilliant, with some of the most famous Australian beaches, including Whitehaven Beach, offering a paradise spot for visitors. Sunbake the day away, or enjoy a romantic walk at sunset, enjoying the silky soft sand either way.

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