Michaelmas Cay, Cairns

Michaelmas Cay, Queensland 4805

The Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s most awe-inspiring natural wonder: a 2,300km series of vibrant tropical reefs that each display their own wondrous sea life.

Michaelmas Cay, Cairns

Whether you’re diving below the waters and immersing yourself in the reef’s surreal natural beauty, experiencing it from a glass bottom boat or just lazing out on one of the world’s best beaches, there is truly something for everyone in this incredible part of the world.

One of the reef’s most impressive natural formations has to be that of Michaelmas Cay, a stunning seabird habitat that also boasts the colourful life of the cay itself. What makes Michaelmas Cay so wonderful is the awesome variety of activities that take place there.

From snorkelling to semi-submersibles, sailing and sunbathing, there is plenty to do in a day on the cay!

Let’s take a look at some of them below…

  • Snorkelling adventures

    Michaelmas Cay is one of the most impressive individual reefs in this spectacular, gigantic stretch of coastline, and there is no better way to explore it than by snorkelling adventure. Your small-group tour will be guided by an experienced marine biologist, who will introduce you to an array of marine life, including the cay’s famed giant clams and parrotfish.

  • Learn how to scuba dive

    Want to take your snorkelling to the next level? Michaelmas Cay is the perfect place to learn how to scuba dive, with some of the most vibrant coral reef and sea life in the world! You don’t need any experience to take this introductory course – just bring yourself and a keen sense of adventure!

  • Get a diver’s view from a semi-submersible

    Keen to check out the dazzling marine life of the cay but don’t want to get too close? Then a semi-submersible tour is perfect for you! This incredible tour takes you under the water via a semi-submersible, allowing you to see some of the cay’s most impressive animal and plant life without even getting in the water!

  • Kick back on the beach

    Because after an exciting day’s snorkelling, diving or semi-submarining, you are probably going to want to chill out for a while, right? Michaelmas Cay is a tropical island paradise, a gorgeous stretch of sand that provides the perfect outpost to lay back, unwind and let the island breeze fill you with a sense of peace and tranquility.

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