Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?

Where is the Great Barrier Reef located?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/04/2023

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The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. And one of the most popular must-visits of Australia!

The Great Barrier Reef has about 400 types of coral and over 1500 fish. The reef is so large that it is visible from outer space. The reef is in the Coral Sea which is off the coast of Queensland.

What to do on the Great Barrier Reef

The most common activities when at the Great Barrier Reef are snorkelling, scuba diving and going on the Glass Bottom Boat tour. The best way to do these activities is to book a tour. Don’t worry if you aren’t a pro at snorkelling or diving, there are beginner lessons before you set off on your own.

The best spot to see the Great Barrier Reef

The most popular place to see the Great Barrier Reef is Cairns. But there are other towns like Port Douglas, Whitsundays, Green Island and Fitzroy Island. These places offer tours for snorkelling or scuba diving. Or you can view the Great Barrier Reef from above and take a helicopter. When in the helicopter you get a bird’s eye view of the reef and how beautiful it is from above. You can also take a boat which has glass on the bottom.

The best place to snorkel and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef

There are so many great places to snorkel and scuba dive when on the Great Barrier Reef. The best way to get to these reefs is via a tour.

Hastings Reef

Hastings Reef is one of the Outer Reefs as it is about 50 kilometres from Cairns. The water here is clear and calm with so much marine life and coral to see. You might swim with friendly reef sharks, clownfish and green sea turtles.

Norman Reef

Norman Reef is the most northern reef from Cairns. While you are visiting this reef, you might see manta rays, more sea turtles and minke whales. But the whales can only be spotted between July to September.

Saxon Reef

Saxon Reef is between Hastings Reef and Norman Reef. Saxon Reef is a great place to scuba dive as it’s not as popular for divers to come this way. Saxon Reef is best to do diving as there is more marine life to see. You might see butterfly fish, white tip reef sharks and stingrays. But if you’re not big on swimming, Saxon Reef has a large shallow section.

Moore Reef

Visitors love Moore Reef because of the large marine life in the waters and the coral formations. While swimming in Moore Reef, keep a lookout for sea turtles, batfish and white tip reef sharks. There are also a lot of corals to see because of the different environments in Moore Reef.

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