What to pack for a liveaboard Cairns tour

What to pack for a liveaboard Cairns tour

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/22/2023

Reading time: 4 mins

Explore a little deeper and join a liveaboard Cairns reef tour.

The Great Barrier Reef is so big, that many travellers choose to spend more than one day exploring the reefs. One fantastic option to do so is with a liveaboard tour.

You can choose between our two or three-day liveaboard tours to make the most of your time on the reefs!

What should I pack?

Since you’ll be living aboard a boat for one or two nights, it’s important to remember to pack the essentials! Some of our recommended items include:

• Swimwear – you will need swimwear even if you are using a wetsuit.
• Towel – a microfiber towel will pack smaller than a beach towel, but any towel is essential.
• Sunglasses – it will be sunny out on the water, so be sure to bring sunglasses or a hat.
• Sunscreen – be sure to pack sunscreen that is both reef-friendly and water-resistant.
• Sandals – you’ll want to bring shoes that can get wet and dry easily.
• Motion sickness tablets –if you are prone to motion sickness don’t forget to pack this.
• Refillable water bottle – it’s important to stay hydrated while spending time in the sun.
• Card or cash – you may want to purchase upgrades or additional beverages on board.
• Light jacket – a windbreaker or light jacket is a good item to bring for potential windy days.
• Extra clothing – a change of dry clothes and warm clothes for the evenings.
• Waterproof camera – you can capture the magical underwater world with an underwater camera.
• Toiletries: bring anything you may need to wash up and for an overnight stay.
• Book – it’s a good idea to bring a book or something else to enjoy in the evenings when you are not diving.
• Power adapters and chargers – if you are bringing your phone, don’t forget a charging cable and a power adapter (if you are visiting from abroad).

There are a couple of extra essentials for travellers who are planning to dive on board:

• Medical certificate – if you plan to dive, you will have to complete a medical form to inform the crew that you can dive.
• Dive license – if you are a certified diver and you plan to dive, be sure to bring your certificate and an ID with you.

Which tour should I join?

Two-Day liveaboard Cairns tour

Our 2-day Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Tour is a great way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. The accommodation on board includes a double or twin room share. All meals are included, in addition to all snorkelling and scuba diving equipment.

Over the course of two days, you will visit the most spectacular reef locations. Each location depends on weather conditions, water clarity, and seasonality. Because of this, we can’t guarantee which reef you will visit, but we can guarantee the best views available each day.

Take advantage of unlimited snorkelling or choose to upgrade to scuba dive. If you are a beginner, you will have the chance to enjoy five scuba dives. If you are a certified diver, you can enjoy five scuba dives and one nighttime dive.

Three-Day liveaboard Cairns tour

If you want to spend even more time on the reef, join our 3-day Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Tour. The tour is all-inclusive, which means accommodation, meals, and equipment are included in the price. You will also have access to flotation devices and a glass-bottom boat tour. The only additional fee is the reef levy, which is $45 per person.

The reef locations for this tour vary depending on weather, water clarity, and seasonality. You can enjoy unlimited snorkelling, or upgrade to a beginner or certified diving pack. While on the boat, you can relax in the ship’s hot tub, lounge on the sundeck, or sip on a drink from the fully licenced bar.

What are you waiting for? Join one of our ultimate liveaboard Cairns reef tours today!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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