The Great Barrier Reef is Open for Business

The Great Barrier Reef is Open for Business

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/15/2020

Reading time: 4 mins

Ready to explore the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns?

We’re ready to take you! Read on to find out which tours are available now and which is the best choice for you.

Queensland borders are open and our boats are already back on the water after sitting idle during the covid-19 pandemic. The Great Barrier Reef didn’t go anywhere and is ready to be explored again! If you’re making a trip to Cairns, we’ve got tours to take you to the reef available now.

  • Great Barrier Reef Deluxe Tour

    To experience everything the Great Barrier Reef has to offer, our Deluxe Tour is the perfect choice. Visiting two outer-reef sites, this tour includes everything you need for snorkelling; equipment hire, tuition and a 15-minute guided snorkelling tour. For travellers who are keen to explore deeper, a certified or beginner dive is also included. Even if you have never dived before, you can experience the thrill of descending below the surface to a maximum depth of eight metres with a dive master to guide you all the way. Not quite ready to take the plunge? Take advantage of the Glass Bottom Boat tour to admire the reef from the surface without getting wet.

    This tour is available to book every day.

  • Great Barrier Reef Premium Snorkelling Tour

    For travellers looking for a unique experience on the Great Barrier Reef, select our Premium Snorkelling Tour to spend the day on a luxury sailing catamaran. This tour includes all your snorkel equipment and a guided snorkel tour to introduce you to the colourful fish, vibrant corals and weird marine animals that call the reef home. Onboard is an Eco accredited marine naturalist, who will provide you with a stack of information on the reef and answer any questions you might have about the animals and corals that call it home. Scuba diving upgrades are available to pre-book or arrange on the day. But what makes this tour truly special is the travel on a stylish catamaran. Relax on the netted deck trampoline or catch some rays on the upper deck and enjoy the memorable experience of travelling under sail if the conditions allow.

    This tour is currently operating a reduced schedule. Check the calendar using the Book Now button to view available travel dates.

  • Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Adventure

    For travellers who want a bit more action from their Great Barrier Reef tour, the Pontoon Adventure tour offers a huge range of activities on the permanent floating platform. You’ll travel out to the Moore Reef on the air-conditioned catamaran to enjoy access to the pontoon and amazing activities including the underwater observatory, glass bottom boat, semi-submersible boat, fish feeding presentation and much more. There’s even a fully enclosed kids pool for travellers with young ones in tow and a theme park style waterslide. Dive and seawalker helmet upgrades are also available. With all these incredible things to do, don’t forget to snorkel!

    This tour is currently operating a reduced schedule. Check the calendar using the Book Now button to view available travel dates.

  • Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard Tours

    If one day doesn’t sound like enough time on the reef, join one of our two– or three-day tours for an extended stay on our comfortable liveaboard boat. After travelling to the outer reef, you’ll remain out there for the duration of you stay, maximising your time snorkelling or diving. We visit various reef sites for multiple snorkels/dives throughout the day and certified divers even have the option of experiencing a night dive. All your meals are provided, so you can just relax, snorkel and appreciate the incredible environment that surrounds you.

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