How deep is the Great Barrier Reef diving?

How deep is the Great Barrier Reef diving?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/11/2022

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The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most spectacular coral reef. Stretching a whopping 2,700 km up the sunny Queensland coast, the Reef is world famous for its wondrous array of fish, sea species and vibrant coral!

Avid divers, snorkellers and marine lovers from across the world venture to the Reef to experience its illuminated depths, ducking and weaving between the coral just like the amazing creatures that inhabit it.

Reef depth ranges anywhere from five to 30 metres, as the reefs are known to drop away suddenly in certain places. How deep you can go will depend on your diver certification (if you have one). If you’re diving for the first time with a beginner dive, you can go to a maximum depth of eight metres, which is more than enough to view the reef from an incredible new perspective underwater. This, of course, only further invigorates the otherworldly experiences, as the stunning depths allow you the opportunity to encounter so many different species along the journey!

However deep you want to get is up to you and your experience level, but here are some of the very best reefs to choose from:

Green Island

Not just the Reef’s most mesmerising coral cay, Green Island is an underwater treasure chest of vibrant coral and wondrous marine species. Not only this, but the island itself is covered in 12 hectares of national park which further supports the bird and sea life that take refuge at the island!

Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is a place where marine life has triumphed over human interference. Once a location where ships were deliberately sunk to make the waters safe for local boaters, the region’s sea life has since engulfed the ships, creating a wonderland of marine life that is perfect for diving!

Hastings Reef

The ultimate snorkeller’s reef, being right within the inner reef, Hastings Reef is an underwater dreamworld of myriad coral and fish species! Here, you will find an amazing plethora of coral, including brain, fire, plate and pillar corals, as well as a very famous inhabitant ducking in and around them: Finding Nemo’s adorable clownfish!

Saxon Reef

Saxon Reef isn’t just famous for the wondrous marine life that inhabit it: the reef also plays host to a dazzling, kaleidoscopic lights show when the sun peers into the water and illuminates the coral. Sunlight aside, you are bound to find anything from crayfish to eels, stingrays and sharks in this incredible reef!

As you can see, wherever you find yourself along the Great Barrier Reef it is a diver or snorkeller’s paradise – enjoy the lush surrounds and take in all the miracles that occur in this most special part of the world…

Cameron Ward
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