Boom Netting on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef for kids is an exciting playground bursting at the seams with fabulous things to do. From snorkelling across the glassy blue surface in a hunt to find Nemo to splashing, swimming and even sailing, your little ones will never get bored when it comes to discovering the bounty of opportunities the reef has to offer. Teeming with bright schools of pretty fish, drifting green turtles, reef sharks and more, the Great Barrier Reef for kids can be one of the best environments in the whole world to learn about coral ecosystems, the importance of the oceans and how we can help keep our waters glistening with beauty.

Getting Wet and Wild

Yet the Great Barrier Reef doesn’t have to all be about education it is a place of sheer fun and getting wet and wild. Boom netting is a fabulous activity that the kids are sure to love. Boom netting blends just the right amount of pace, adrenaline and fun and is the perfect way to cool down on those bright and sticky days. From the back of the boat a net is attached to the boom, offering the perfect place to sit and be towed at a high rate of knots through the white capped waters. Feeling the ocean breeze whipped into a frenzy, clinging on as the boat picks up speed and feeling the water pulse against you like being in a crazy outdoor spa makes for an incredible once in a lifetime experience.

See the Sights in a Super Fun Way

Boom netting is safe and the kids will be provided with life jackets to keep them afloat in the waters, this is the perfect way to embrace the Great Barrier Reef for kids and to have a good time in the bounty of the great outdoors. Soaking the sights of the pristine beaches, the chance to see exotic se creatures beneath the surface and to explore the endless blue hues that make the reef such a special place for all is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Lucky kids may also get to spot dolphins splashing and playing the waters as your soar behind the back of a catamaran.

Something to Remember Forever

Great Barrier Reef Cruises are hugely popular and when they combine a full day of snorkelling, sailing, exploring, dolphin spotting and boom netting you know that you are in for something incredibly special that the kids will adore and remember forever.

Bring the kids to experience the boom netting on our Great Barrier Reef Tour.

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