Why you should go to the Great Barrier Reef in the rain

When organising your Great Barrier Reef holiday, chances are you had a grand idea in your head of what that would look like.

Long, sunny days. Clear skies. Returning home with your skin perfectly tanned by the Australian sun. But what happens if it rains? Is it the end of your trip? Will your Great Barrier Reef tour be cancelled?

All Weather Permitted

One of the most common questions asked when rain is forecast is will my tour be cancelled? The answer is no. All our Great Barrier Reef tours are all-weather events, that means that unless it is unsafe for you to be in the water the tour will go ahead. The few things that might result in your tour being cancelled are extreme rough seas, lightning and hail.

So, first thing first, you 100% can and will still go on your tour if it happens to be raining. Yay!

If you’re wet, you’re wet

Lets be real for a minute. If you’re going to the Great Barrier Reef, you’re going to get wet. Chances are you’ll be diving, snorkelling, boom netting or sea walking already, so you’ve come with the intentions to get wet. So what does it matter if you’re getting wet beforehand?

We like to think of rain at the Great Barrier Reef like a warm-up for when you get into the water. You’re already a bit damn so jump on in, not much is going to change! Just maybe be sure to bring an extra towel and change of clothes, just so you can be as dry as possible when you’re back on land and trying to get back to your hotel or out for a meal.

The underwater calm

There’s something almost magical about the way life under the water keeps on going no matter how rainy it is. It might be dull and wet on the boat, but once you’re down and under the water you’re definitely not going to miss anything.

The delightful reef system is bustling with plenty of marine life and they truly do not care about the rain. Life in the sea carries on same as usual, and you’ll still have the amazing experience you’re dreaming of.

It’s not cold

A common misconception is that if it is raining it must be cold, but that’s not what happens here! The Great Barrier Reef is situated just off of Cairns and the rainfall here is tropical. What does that mean? Well it means that rain here is typically accompanied by warm weather. So even if you do find yourself getting a bit damp, you certainly won’t be cold.

It won’t last long

The final thing to remember is that when it does rain in this part of Australia, most of the time it is not for very long. In fact, it is very unlikely that it will rain all day if you do happen to go on a tour on a rainy day. Plus the clouds help protect your skin a little bit from the harsh sun – bonus!

We hope this has helped to settle your nerves about any potential interruption to your Great Barrier Reef tour from rain!

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