Why You Should Go on a Great Barrier Reef Pontoon

Why You Should Go on a Great Barrier Reef Pontoon

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/11/2021

Reading time: 3 mins

When thinking of travelling to the Great Barrier Reef, most will imagine snorkelling or scuba diving on a boat tour.

However, one of the best options to decide on is the reef’s many pontoon adventures. Offering visitors to travel to the permanent Great Barrier Reef spot!

What is a Pontoon?

Pontoon Great Barrier Reef

A pontoon is a permanent small floating structure, becoming a permanent part of the waters, where boats travel to and from dropping off or pick-up visitors. Visitors must take a boat to reach this structure, with the large group of travellers spending all day on the pontoon. Discovering all the exciting features both in and out of the water here. Due to its stability and size, the pontoon can fit a large number of people and facilities. Featuring a kitchen, dining area, balconies, a playroom, and much more! Being the perfect place to visit for families or large groups.

Activities available onboard

  • Snorkelling

    You won’t miss out on your sought-after snorkelling adventure if you choose to do a pontoon instead! As it is one of the main activities on offer here, with a platform section dedicated to snorkelling. Simply grab some snorkelling gear and dive into the deep water, seeing all the coral and wildlife hidden beneath the water’s surface. The Pontoon is sitting on top one of the biggest and most diverse reef spots around, guaranteeing you plenty of exciting discoveries during your snorkel around. You can spend an hour in the water, with snorkel resting stations stretching out from the pontoon so you don’t have to stay too close to the platforms.

  • The Playground

    Were the kids hoping for a waterpark day? The Pontoon is just as good, by combining the reef and the waterslides all in one exciting day! The kids can start off with the indoor playground room and finish up sliding down the epic 30-metre spiral looping slide!

  • Great Barrier Reef Presentation

    If you are interested in learning about what you are seeing underwater, you can join in on the free Great Barrier Reef Presentation. Presented by a professional marine biologist, visitors can learn about the different species and the overall environment of the reef before they even head into the water.

  • Underwater Observatory

    You don’t even need to get wet to see the Pontoon’s underwater world! As the structure features an epic collection of marine wildlife through their underwater observatory. Similar to an aquarium display, but with the species everchanging as they move through the ocean, with tropical fish, sea turtles, and a range of crustaceans roaming across the window.

  • Fish Feeding Presentation

    Located at the underwater Observatory is the fish feeding presentation. Here the staff offer the local fish a couple of treats right in front of the window, letting visitors see the fish come right up to the glass for a closer look. While feeding the marine life, the staff will detail the different species presented, with even a couple of regular fish always making an appearance.

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