Which Great Barrier Reef liveaboard should I choose?

Which Great Barrier Reef liveaboard should I choose?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/12/2024

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Liveaboard tours provide a unique opportunity to experience the Great Barrier Reef.

A liveaboard tour allows you to spend all day on the water, making the boat your home for a couple of days. It is a great option if you want to enjoy endless swimming and snorkelling at multiple different reefs.

You can choose to spend two or three days aboard the boat, exploring the Great Barrier Reef!

Now you may be trying to decide which option to choose.

Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard tours

The Great Barrier Reef liveaboard tours include accommodation, all meals, snorkelling and diving equipment, luggage storage, and a glass bottom boat tour.

The reef locations are chosen each day based on the weather to ensure the best experience on the water. You will be able to snorkel as much as you’d like, exploring the reef all day. If you want to explore the reef even more, you can add an upgrade to your tour package to include scuba diving!

You don’t have to have experience to try scuba diving, as there are beginner dives available. If you choose to upgrade as a beginner, you can enjoy 5 to 8 dives with a diving professional. If you are a certified diver, you can choose an upgrade to enjoy 5 to 8 daytime dives and 1 or 2 nighttime dives!

When you are not swimming, there is plenty to do on the luxurious boat. Each cabin offers an ocean view and contains an ensuite bathroom. There is also a large dining saloon where you can enjoy your meals each day.

If it’s getting too hot outside, pop inside the 35-metre catamaran to enjoy some air conditioning. Be sure to make use of the spacious sundeck and licenced bar, taking in the ocean views and soaking up the sun! You can also wrap up an adventurous day of swimming by relaxing in the outdoor freshwater hot tub.

Great Barrier Reef liveaboard tour

Liveaboard tour differences

Both the 2-day and 3-day liveaboard tours are quite similar! However, since you have an extra day on the 3-day tour, you will have the option to enjoy more snorkelling and diving!

The decision about which liveaboard tour to join really comes down to the amount of time you have free and how much time you want to spend on the water. Let’s just say, it’s impossible to spend too much time exploring the Great Barrier Reef!

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