Where is the best spot to see the Great Barrier Reef?

Where is the best spot to see the Great Barrier Reef?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/18/2022

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The Great Barrier Reef, alongside Kakadu and Uluru, is one of Australia’s most astounding natural wonders. The reef is home to some 2,700 individual reefs, brimming with countless fish, sea and coral species, all moving together in a mesmerising natural dance!

Cairns is easily the best place to experience the reef, with the town offering countless day tours to its numerous reefs, each of which are unique to the other.

Some of the most amazing beauty awaits you off the Cairns coast, with the following reefs providing a wondrous display of life and light:

Hastings Reef

Hastings Reef has long been one of the Reef’s most beloved diving and snorkelling spots, covering a massive area of 10 km that is full of unique sea life!

One of the oldest Reef sections, Hastings Reef boasts the likes of the amazing angelfish, rabbit fish and, of course, the adorable clown fish, known for its portrayal of “Nemo” in the classic Disney Pixar film, Finding Nemo.

Saxon Reef

Saxon Reef is not only sought after for its fantastic array of sea life, but also for the invigorating way the sunlight dances into the reef, creating an unforgettable kaleidoscopic effect that is unlike anything you will see in the wider reef and beyond! Whilst you enjoy the stunning lights show, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for sharks, stingrays, crays and eels also marvelling at the spectacular natural show!

Green Island

Green Island is world famous for its amazing, shoreline-hugging reef, but also for the fun that can be had on the island itself. Encapsulating everything that makes reef life so wonderful, Green Island plays host to endless fish and sea variations as well as countless bird species that come to find safe haven on its shores!

Ways to experience the Reef

Cairns is the true Great Barrier Reef centrepoint, so it should come as no surprise that there are numerous ways to enjoy this most enriching part of the world.

Obviously, the first choice is to go out with a catamaran, which will set you up with snorkel/diving gear and take you below the turquoise depths to gaze upon all the wonderful species below.

But, if getting in amongst the sea life isn’t for you, you can also hop aboard a glass bottom boat and even a scenic helicopter ride to experience all its abundant beauty!

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