How to Become a Certified Diver?

How to Become a Certified Diver?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/28/2020

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There are two types of dives we offer on our Great Barrier Reef tours, beginner and certified.

Most of our customers will book beginner dives as this is their first, or close to first, experience diving. They might have done other diving trips elsewhere or even an aquarium shark dive, but they’re not qualified or experienced enough to dive alone.

What is a certified dive?

Certified dives are deeper and longer than our beginner dives. Certified dives can only be booked by, unsurprisingly, certified divers.

Certified divers have completed extensive dive training to be allowed to undertake these dives. To enjoy the certified dives we offer you must hold an open water scuba dive license.

How do I become a certified diver?

Diving certifications are more than just pieces of paper, much like any other qualification the denote a high level of experience and education of the diver.

First thing first, you need to know how to swim. To even begin the process of getting your diving certification you need to be a decent swimmer. You need to be able to tread water for a least ten minutes and swim for several hundred metres safely.

Online training

Now that you’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to complete an online learning module. This covers the book work to become a certified diver. You’ll learn terminology, safety protocols, general information on diving and more. During the module, you’ll have a few tests and watch a lot of educational videos. At the end, there is a simple exam for you to pass. Don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as it sounds, but you’ll finish with a solid base knowledge of diving.

Water training

You might have done the book work, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to dive next. The second stage of getting qualified is to head into the pool. This is called ‘confined’ diving, essentially it involves heading to your local pool with a dive instructor. You’ll learn how to use the diving equipment and learn how to control yourself in the water in a shallow and safe environment. Diving involves a lot of equipment and gear you might have never encountered before. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions or mess up while in the pool, better to make a mistake when you can simply stand up in a pool than when you are kilometres out to sea.

Finally, it’s time to get your open water training. You’ll do several dives over a few days before being awarded your certification. From here it is up to you what you want to do. You might want to move your way up the diving ranks or get qualified in other diving skills, such as dive navigation, ice diving or cage diving.

Getting your diving certification is a big choice and takes a level of commitment. What hold your certification means though is that you will be able to explore further, deeper, and longer than those on beginner dives. You’ll never dive alone and always have a guide with you, but you’ll have an even more amazing experience.

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