How much is it to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef?

How much is it to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/12/2021

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The Great Barrier Reef is every snorkeller’s dream: a gigantic stretch of vibrant coral reef systems housing thousands of marine species.

Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling

When you ask a snorkeller about the very best places to see marine life in their element, they may say The Maldives, Ambergris Caye or the Philippines, but invariably they will always come back to the Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest living ecosystem!

If you are planning to slip on your snorkel, wetsuit and flippers to enjoy this surreal underwater paradise in all its splendour, you will naturally want to know how much a tour of the reef costs.

Well, allow us to talk you through some of our spectacular tours and why they should be part of your incredible Great Barrier Reef itinerary…

  • Great Barrier Reef premium snorkelling tour

    Adults: $179

    Children: $120 (4 – 14 years) Infants 0 – 3 years travel free


    This wondrous one-day tour allows you the opportunity to snorkel, dive or simply swim amongst the incredible creatures that inhabit the reef. From marvelling at the vibrant fish to swimming alongside ancient sea turtles and perusing the vibrant coral reefs, this is an incredible way to experience the very best the reef has to offer in one memorable day!

  • 1 day Great Barrier Reef cruise deluxe

    Price: $205


    This amazing adventure is perfect for people with a shorter time period for exploring the reef. This awesome cruise takes you direct to two of gorgeous reef sites where you can either snorkel or dive to see some of the reef’s unique species. This tour is perfect for beginner snorkellers and is followed by an unforgettable glass bottom boat tour – all elements of the perfect one-day reef tour!

  • 2 day Great Barrier Reef liveaboard tour

    Price: $460


    If one day of reef exploring isn’t enough to satisfy your underwater eagerness, this beautiful two day tour provides you with an incredible opportunity to dive deeper among the reef’s astounding ecosystem! Departing on our 35 metre catamaran, you will be taken straight out to the reef, where you will have plenty of time to snorkel among its beautiful and bizarre sea creatures. Snorkelling is unlimited, and you will also spend the night on board the catamaran, with dinner and drinks under the starry reef sky – how perfect!

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