How long does it take to get to Moore Reef from Cairns?

How long does it take to get to Moore Reef from Cairns?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/27/2022

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We’re claiming it: Cairns is the ultimate Great Barrier Reef launching spot.

From this vibrant tropical town you can cruise out to some of the most fascinating reefs in the whole gigantic stretch, with each reef playing host to an array of unique coral, fish and sea species!

One of these is the legendary Moore Reef, revered as a habitat for plenty of colourful sea species like the humphead wrasse and cheeky sea turtles.

Not only this, but Moore Reef is the best spot to enjoy an array of adventures like pontooning, snorkelling, diving, glass bottom boat tours and semi-submersible rides, making it one of the funnest spots in the whole reef!

It takes about two hours from Cairns to Moore Reef, where you will arrive at a pontoon replete with diving platforms, underwater observatories, bar, buffet and sundeck (among other features).

Here, you will be able to enjoy everything that makes the Reef so incredible, with diving to sunbathing and enjoy a cheeky tropical cocktail all on the itinerary!

Moore Reef is just one of the many fabulous reasons why you should be cruising out from Cairns – here are a cheeky few more:

Hastings Reef

Hastings Reef is a favourite for snorkellers as it boasts plenty of stunning sea! Covering an area of around 10 square kilometres, Hastings Reef is a joy to find yourself snorkelling, and so it should come as no surprise this ancient section is home to fascinating sea life like the famous clown fish (Nemo!), angelfish, rabbit fish and some of the more docile shark species.

Saxon Reef

Saxon Reef is especially popular not only for its vibrant array of sea life, but also for the way the sun shines into its corals and creates a kaleidoscopic effect. This makes for the perfect lighting as you marvel upon crayfish, eels, stingrays, sharks and more enchanting sea species.

Green Island

Green Island is world famous for its fun and versatility both on and off the island’s shores. A true centrepoint of reef life, Green Island exists as a safe haven for fish, birds and all kinds of mammals.

Snorkelling is a fantastic activity on Green Island, and the reefs are so close to the shore that all you have to do is wade out there and you will be amongst some of the reef’s most fabulous fish and sea species!


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