Explore Saxon Reef on the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a natural world wonder brimming with beauty, bright marine life and exotic coral gardens. This divers and snorkelers paradise stretches on for miles offering numerous spots to dive down into the deep and discover the rainbow world beneath the surface. Saxon Reef is one of these spots, slightly smaller than the other reefs this is the perfect place to see a wealth of marine life crammed into a glorious blue paradise.

Shallow Platforms of Coral

Saxon Reef boasts some of the best shallow platforms meaning that inexperienced snorkelers don’t have to go far to see impressive coloured corals and exotic Spanish dancer flatworms. Clownfish anemones cling to sloping walls and marine turtles glide gracefully through the waters without flinching from the sight of humans swimming beneath the waves.

Sharks and Stingrays

Scuba divers who drop a little further into Saxon Reef can be greeted by moray eels slipping to and fro, painted crayfish and large glass eyed cod. The mountains of coral are fringed by sandy underwater shores where stingrays and sharks lie in wait for a quick bite to eat. Explore the swim through’s and gullies to seek lionfish, bright bommies and damsel fish.

A Kaleidoscope of Colour

On sun ripened days the glow pours down, filtering the water and reflecting of the sea bed. This is when the underwater world opens up into an impressive kaleidoscope of colour Saxon Reef – Great Barrier Reef Tourswith pure unadulterated vision straight out of a fairy-tale page for Finding Nemo. There are many reasons as to why Saxon Reef is one of the most alluring sites in the Great Barrier Reef, with warm tropical waters splashed in sunlight, exceptional bommies (mountains and outcrops of reef) and a plethora of marine life flittering around your feet you don’t need to fall to the bottom to witness astounding sights. Saxon Reef is a fabulous place to explore whether you are an expert diver or a novice who wants to experience the delights of snorkelling just below the surface.

Breath-Taking Beauty

Wherever you wind up on the Great Barrier Reef, the experience is sure to be one that lingers. Nowhere else on the blue planet can you find such a breath-taking variety of marine wilderness, pristine beaches and the tropical sprawl of vibrant green rainforests. Whether you set sail, snorkel, dive down deep or even fly above the Great Barrier Reef, one sight of the blooming gardens will make you fall head over heels in love forever.

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