Can non-swimmers do scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef?

Can non-swimmers do scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/13/2022

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most miraculous natural wonderlands, a giant, otherworldly series of individual reefs that inspire nothing short of awe when marvelled upon.

Whether you’re diving below the waters in search of Nemo, lazing about on Green Island’s paradisiacal shoreline or marvelling at the spectacle via glass bottom boat, the Great Barrier Reef has an adventure for everyone who wants to experience nature in its most sublime!

Naturally, one of the most popular ways to see the Reef is by scuba diving. However, not everyone is a keen swimmer, but they still might like to get down below the water to see some of their favourite sea creatures in person.

To be fair, it’s not really recommended to try scuba diving if you’re not a strong swimmer, as diving can present difficult and diverse challenges for even the most experienced practitioners. If you do really want to give it a go, why not try snorkelling first and see how you go in the water?

If you feel comfortable snorkelling, you can see if taking it to the next level is for you. But you’ll need to pass a few skills tests in the water with a divemaster before you are cleared to dive.

If you’re not quite up for diving, there are numerous ways non-swimmers can experience the Reef’s incredible beauty and mesmerising wildlife that doesn’t entail getting your feet wet…

Glass bottom boat

Glass bottom boats are super awesome, and are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef without having to chuck on flippers and an oxygen tank.

Hop aboard one of these legendary catamarans and allow it to take you over some of the most impressive Reef sites, where you will have the opportunity to spot some of the most wonderful creatures in the whole stretch of coastline!

Helicopter tour

If you’re someone who much prefers getting high above sea level than deep below it, a scenic helicopter tour may be the perfect way for you to experience the unforgettable Great Barrier Reef.

Sure, you won’t experience the minute details and biological nuances of an up-close scuba dive, but you will gaze upon some of the most epicly vibrant ocean canvas you could ever hope to see.

After all, they don’t offer scenic helicopter tours over just any old coastline, so you can trust that it will be a superb experience…

Just wade in the water

You are in the Great Barrier Reef, tropical North Queensland, a gorgeous, sublime part of the world: why not just kick back at any island getaway and allow the turquoise waters to invigorate your senses?

It’s a pretty beautiful way to spend an arvo in the Great Barrier Reef…

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