Where is Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef?

Where is Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/04/2023

Reading time: 2 mins

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and it’s truly understandably why.

The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest single structure that has been created from living organisms. The entire reef is almost 350 square kilometres and is bigger than Victoria and Tasmania combined! For those in Europe, it is bigger than the United Kingdom, Holland, and Switzerland combined. Continuing talking about how big the Great Barrier Reef is, you can even see it from space.

Within the Great Barrier Reef, there are almost 3000 individual reefs, including Heart Reef. Heart Reef is a beautiful heart shape reef that sits inside Hardy Reef, in the Whitsundays.

How is Heart Reef shaped like a heart?

Over time, Heart Reef slowly and naturally formed into a heart shape. The shape comes from the coral that formed into the heart and created what we see today.

What to do

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to snorkel or dive at Heart Reef as it is protected. Though there are some other things you can do instead!

Scenic flights

The best and only way to see Heart Reef is to do a scenic flight. You can select either a helicopter or a seaplane to get a beautiful bird’s eye view of Heart Reef. As you are above the water, you will notice all different shades of blue.

Hardy Reef

With Heart Reef being located in Hardy Reef, this will be the closest you can get to it! At Hardy Reef you are allowed to snorkel and diving which are both great activities to find all kinds of marine life. You might get lucky and spot out the turtles, reef sharks, and all kinds of tropical fish in the reef.


The Whitsundays offers the beautiful clear blue waters in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s the perfect tropical paradise location for those who want a weekend getaway to relax or to have an adventure.

In the Whitsundays region, you can go snorkelling and explore underwater life, sail around the islands, or just relax with a good book at Airlie Beach.

During any trip to Queensland, it is worth going on a scenic flight to see Heart Reef. It’s a stunning creation of coral that isn’t seen anywhere else in the Great Barrier Reef.

Cameron Ward
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