What is a Pontoon?

Millions of visitors travel to the Great Barrier Reef every year, eager to dive underwater to discover the wondrous world hidden below. The sparkling sapphire waters blend together with the bursts of green and yellow fishes darting in and out of the pink and orange coral. It’s no wonder the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world, being the biggest living thing on the entire planet, spanning out to around 348,000 square kilometres of the ocean floor.

But what’s the best way to see this fantastic site? Most people jump on a boat and that’s that, hopping from one reef to the next. But one of the best alternatives to this is hopping on a Pontoon. This massive boat structure is essentially like a small floating island, becoming a permanent part of the waters, where boats travel to and from dropping off or pick up visitors.

What features does it have?

Due to its stability and size, a pontoon is able to fit a number of people and facilities. This spacious platform delivers both inside and out areas, large toilets, showers and change rooms, with even a kitchen and dining area. For families with children, there is both a kid’s a pool and a theme-park style waterside for those looking for some thrills. The platform is so big, it even has a licensed bar on board, giving adults a relaxing break after they’ve hopped out of the reef for the day.

Activities available on board


Snorkelling is an essential activity during your stay, and the Pontoon offers you plenty of things to see The platform is located right on top of an array of reef life, with snorkel resting stations stretching out so you can discover the outer water spots away from the platform section. Simply float on top of the water’s surface and look down at the tropical world hidden below. This activity is so easy, you don’t even need to be a pro swimmer to do it! With even young kids and nervous swimmers welcome to join in.

Glass-Bottom Boat

Are your hands getting a bit too pruney? Hop out of the water and experience the reef from above the waves. The Glass-bottom boat is a small vessel with a large glass window on the boat’s floor, offering the perfect window to the reef as you cruise along the surface.

Information Presentation

Before even plunging into the waters, first, you can learn about the different species and the overall environment of the reef. With the professional marine biologist staff detailing the biodiversity with an informational presentation. As well, there will be other presentations, such as the fish feeding, and a touch tank presentation offered to all visitors.

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