Marlin Jetty

You can’t go to Cairns and not take a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef. You just can’t. There are many ways to get out to the reef, one being the Marlin Jetty. Many of the tour operators use Marlin Jetty as their pick-up/drop-off point for all tourists. On the Marlin Jetty you will find a lot of tour operators that are on the smaller side as well as the larger ones. They all have big signs up so you will not miss them when approaching the jetty. Many of these small tour operators do not have a info desk at the Reef Fleet Terminal, which is the main terminal for tours out to the Great Barrier Reef. You will see the vessels as well, all are very well labeled and the operators can check you in pre-boarding the boat. These boats take you out to the reef in only one hour to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, learn the ecology of the reef, and much more. There are thousands of tours that happen yearly, and Marlin Jetty is one of the most frequented jetties in Australia.

The Marlin Jetty is located right in the middle of the city, easily accessible by foot or by car. In 2002, the city of Cairns extended the Marlin Jetty and added three fingers and pontoons to the end of the jetty. This made a huge difference as Cairns has become more busier with larger cruise ships in the area. This extension of the jetty allowed the city to become a port for the cruise boats. With more than 25 different operators going out to the Great Barrier Reef everyday, the Marlin Jetty is buzzing with life. It’s a nice place to take a stroll even if you’re not taking a trip out to sea. Many tourists who book a tour out to the Great Barrier Reef make the most of the area and arrive early to grab breakfast by the water, and enjoy a nice coffee before they line-up to board.

Since the development the Marlin Jetty now operates for both small and larger tour operators out to the Great Barrier Reef for diving, sailing, snorkeling and more. Not too far from the jetty is a nice esplanade filled with shops, cafes, and many dining options. As the go to for getting out on the water, the Marlin Jetty has become a popular destination for all who come to Cairns.

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