How far is the Great Barrier Reef from the coast of Australia?

How far is the Great Barrier Reef from the coast of Australia?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/02/2022

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The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most incredible natural wonderlands, a sparkling series of individual reefs housing some truly astounding fish, sea and coral species.

What makes the reef even more special is its outrageously close proximity to the Aussie coast, ranging from a short 16 km to 160 km in the outer reef. Naturally, this makes for a pretty short catamaran journey, with tours taking you out to the reef’s inner sections in less than an hour!

This is just one of the reasons budding divers, snorkellers and animal-lovers venture out to the reef to catch some of its vibrant wildlife. Cairns is the best place to jet off to the reef, with numerous individual reefs housing sea species unique to their ecosystem.

These reefs include:

Flynn Reef

Flynn Reef is perhaps best known for playing host to a world famous little fishie: the clownfish, better known as “Nemo”. Yes, these adorable little fish inhabit Flynn Reef in large schools, ensuring you will see a few when you dive down to the wondrous Flynn Reef, also home to a number of uber cute sea turtles!

The Cod Hole

If you’re afraid of big fish, and we mean really big fish, best avoid The Cod Hole, called such as it is home to some outrageously giant potato cod, the size of humans and all too happy to stop through their eponymous “hole” for a cheeky feed (thankfully not of us – they’re probably big enough to!).

They are actually super friendly and one of the most incredible fish in the whole Great Barrier Reef, but, yep, if giant fish ain’t your thing – best to avoid the amazing Cod Hole!

Osprey Reef

Osprey Reef plays home to one of the Great Barrier Reef’s biggest natural feasts, as it is a place where white tip reef sharks, grey reef, tiger and hammerhead sharks all come through for a feeding frenzy (as well as the aforementioned potato cod!).

Mind you, this is a dive for those with a little more experience, so it’s best to avoid it if you’re only learning the ropes…

Green Island

Green Island is a spectacular, jungle-covered island that also is home to some sublime offshore snorkelling. Many fascinating fish and sea species inhabit this part of the reef, so be sure to get off the seashore and check out some of the amazing life just off the island!

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