How to Explore the Outer Reef of the Great Barrier Reef

Encompassing thousands of miles of coastline and one of the most diverse collections of marine life in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s hottest attractions. The area is made up of hundreds of unique reefs and pristine islands set amongst the shimmering waters of the ocean.

There is a selection of popular reefs that are home to a unique selection of sea creatures, but if you want to discover the unknown, lesser-explored parts of the Great Barrier Reef, head to the Outer Reef. This is the part of the attraction where the reef meets the greater expanse of the ocean beyond, dropping from 40m in depth to more than 2,000m in a matter of moments.

From this incredibly surreal spot, you can marvel at the mesmerising landscape unfolding around you before delving into the water and seeing some of the attractions here up close.

How to Get to the Outer Reef and What to Do When You’re There

The Outer Reef can be reached via catamaran or on a bigger vessel for a less adventurous journey. Once there, you can take to the waters by either scuba diving or snorkelling. There is a smattering of anchored pontoons located around the Outer Reef, offering several different points to start your underwater adventures from.

Glide alongside vibrant marine life, including ancient sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and a whole hosts of different fish species. While you go, discover the diverse ecosystem that makes this part of the world so spectacular.

For those who would prefer to stay on dry land, there are glass bottom boat tours that take visitors around the Outer Reef every day. You can explore the mesmerising array of marine life from a unique perspective, as well as take in the popular Agincourt Reef and its rich coral gardens.

While you travel around the reef, you can learn all about the ecosystem that makes this particular part of the Great Barrier Reef so fascinating. Discover the unique collection of marine life, learn more about their habitat, and go back in time to discover the evolution that has taken place here over thousands of years.

Elsewhere, you can take part in a fish feeding at the Outer Reef or try out a quirky semi-submersible boat tour to experience even more of the area.

As one of the wildest and least trodden parts of the Great Barrier Reef, the Outer Reef is well worth a visit if you want to see the area in its rawest form.

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